Mindful Nation Ireland is a movement which aims to create the conditions for a more mindful and compassionate Ireland. We do this by engaging politicians, supporting compassionate leaders, organising grassroot events, and collaborating globally

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Our Vision

Our vision is for a more conscious, connected and compassionate Ireland.

We believe a mindful nation is one which cultivates the conditions for its citizens to develop self-awareness and, through this, develop a deeper sense of love and compassion for self, others, the environment and society. We believe that this will lead to a more conscious, connected and compassionate nation.

Our Mission

Bring mindfulness into the political system, starting with the Oireachtas.

Create a culture that values ‘pausing and being’ as much as productivity and doing through our Sos project

Join the dots by connecting individuals and groups who are leading mindfulness and compassion initiatives to strengthen social impact

Support the development of initiatives in marginalised areas

Collaborate globally with similar initiatives 

Our Values

We believe in the power of compassionate, motivated people working together to benefit society. We aspire to be open-hearted, compassionate and courageous in the way we work. We recognise the interconnected nature between ourselves and our environment. We aim to ensure our work is underpinned by kindness, integrity and respect towards ourselves, others and our environment.

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