Grattan Donnelly

Mindful Nation Ireland

Grattan began practicing mindfulness in 2010 and it has made a profound difference to his life. He integrates mindfulness into all his work as an executive and business coach, leadership development facilitator and trainer, and has witnessed the transformative power of mindfulness for hundreds of individuals and groups. He is a qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teacher. He also trains mindfulness in the business world through his work with Potential Project, global leaders in Corporate Based Mindfulness Training. He lectures the Diploma in Coaching for Performance in Dublin Business School, where mindfulness is integral to the programme. He also lectures on the Irish Management Institute Diploma in Executive Coaching.  As a Board Member of Mindful Nation Ireland, he believes mindfulness can contribute to developing a more compassionate and caring society, and he wishes to promote the benefits and practice of mindfulness across all walks of life.