Dr Niamh Imbusch

Mindful Nation Ireland

Niamh is a lecturer in the School of Management, Technological University Dublin.  With over 25 years’ experience in industry, she has worked with public and private sector organisations to develop programmes which support employee wellbeing, resilience and engagement. 

A philosophy graduate of NUI Galway, Niamh recently completed a PhD in Organisational Health and Wellbeing at Lancaster University where she researched line managers’ experiences of enacting mindfulness-based behaviours in the context of their operational roles.  A core finding of her research is the underlying systemic challenges which managers experience in commercial organisations, often lead to stress, anxiety and burn-out.  

It is her recognition of such challenges and a concern that employees have positive and healthful experiences of work which underpin her approach as a teacher, trainer, consultant and coach, and which has drawn her to Mindful Nation Ireland.  

Niamh has held senior in-house and consulting positions in employee communications and human resources in Europe and in the US across a range of sectors.  With professional qualifications in business and executive coaching, dietary counselling and a certified yoga instructor, her work blends commercial acumen, academic rigour and an holistic approach; a unique and powerful combination.